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Forefront of Australia's electro scene, Snog has made their fame spectacularly around the world, to date 5 original albums, 11 singles, 3 collective + remix albums + now a DVD, Snog is what we in the music industry call 'A Winner'. Monsieur David Thrussell has not only been massively prolific with Snog, but is also widely known for his other projects as well, the experimental technoid Black Lung and the somerian-tribelesque Soma [with Pieter Bourke from Dead Can Dance] and not to neglect his few self titled albums and soundtrack work. GUP is working with Mr Thrussell in bringing back to Australia forgotten releases with an altered artistic vision and high quality.

Snog Official Website : www.worldwentdown.com/imcc

GUP CD 007 : Lies Inc. [platinum edition] CD
[rel. 15th Sept 2003] Buy It
snog - lies inc cover
01. Spermy Man
02. Corporate Slave
03. Born To Be Mild
   [Soma rmx]
04. Real Wise Yuppie
05. Hunter
06. Shop MP3 [1.34MB]
07. Bank
08. Control
09. Somatime
10. Make My Day
11. Love Power
12. Flesh
MP3 [2.06MB]
13. Satdeenitefever
14. Supermarket Dream
15. Shop
   [I.M.F rmx]
16. Born To Be Mild
   [Alex Hidell rmx mk II]
17. Born To Be Mild
MP3 [2.27MB]
   [Groin Thunder rmx]
18. Born To Be Mild
19. Real Wise Yuppie / Born To Be Mild
   [Live @ The Hammersmith Odeon]
20. Funeral
About Snog's Lies Inc. re-release

It was the original release of this very album, in 1994 that forever changed the future of my life, passion and work. This was the very CD that made me agasp of electronic-industrial music. And in all humble sales-manship I can honestly say that only one release has truly beaten the first release of Snog’s Lies Inc. And that is the new platinum edition I am now hugely proud to present to you. My career in excellent independent music has now come full circle.

The original anti-capitalist with style, David Thrussell is a common dark-underground-lair name, suspected from Illuminati style uprising to mega stardom. His infamous electronic stylings and tweakings have entered the rebellious heart across the globe [and across the globes we *don’t* know about]. Quirky electronics, big dance rhythms, industrial meanderings are all in a days work for this daring usurper.

10 years since it’s original release, Lies Inc. has captured imaginations from all walks of life, to your largest Japanese raves to your small underground industrial nightclubs, Lies Inc. has proven again and again that it is one of the classics. On behalf of Ground Under Productions I am very proud to present this newly packaged version of ‘Lies Inc.’ The ‘platinum edition’ features a total re-mastering, new tracklisting chosen by the mystro himself and remixes that were previously only available in some weird 3rd world country in the middle of the pacific ocean called Australia.

Sit down and enjoy the modernised version of this wonderful album and artist who will last for decades to come.

Snog Backcatalogue

Corporate Slave
(MA 11-6) (Machinery Records - Germany) 1992 CD single (MA 11-3) 12"

Lies, Inc.
(Machinery Records - Germany) 1992 C.D. album (M.A11-2)
(Id/Polygram Records-Australia) 1993 C.D. album (ID 0023-2)
Reissued 1996 as a double CD with bonus tracks
(Futurist Records - USA) 1993 C.D. album (9086-11021-2)
(Maykiss Records - Japan) 1994 C.D. album (TKCW 78033)
(Ground Under Productions - AUS) 2003 CD Album ( )

(Machinery Records - Germany) 1992 C.D. single (MA 24-3) 12" single (MA 24-6)
(Id/Polygram Records - Australia) 1993 C.D. single (ID 0010-2)

Born To Be Mild
(Id/Polygram Records - Australia) 1993 C.D. single (id 0022-2)
(Machinery Records - Germany) 1993 C.D. single (MA 39-3)

Hey Christian God
(Id/ Polygram Records - Australia) 1993 C.D. single (ID 0025-2)

(Id/ Polygram Records - Australia) 1994 C.D. single (ID 0032-2)
(Id/ Polygram Records - Australia) 1994 C.D. E.P. (MA 57-3)
(Maykiss Records - Japan) 1994 C.D. single ( )

Dear Valued Customer
(Id/Polygram - Australia) 1994 C.D. album (ID 0035-2)
(Machinery Records - U.S.A.) 1995 C.D. album (MA 14-2ux)
(Machinery Records - Germany) 1995 C.D. album (MA - 14-2)
(Rollercoaster Recordings - Australia) 1998 C.D. album (RollerCD 001)

The Future
(Id/Polygram Records - Australia) 1995 C.D. single (ID 0046-2)
(Metropolis Records - USA) 1996 C.D. E.P.
(Music Research - Germany) 1996 C.D. E.P.

Remote Control
(Metropolis Rec. - USA) 1997 C.D. Compilation Album (met 033)

(Metropolis - U.S.A.) 1998 CD Single (MET 057)

Make The Little Flowers Grow
(I.M.C.C. Quality Products/Shock - Australia) 1997 CD Single (IMCC QP 777-2)

Buy Me... I'll Change Your Life
(I.M.C.C. Quality Products/Shock - Australia) 1997 CD Album (IMCC QP 999-2)
(Metropolis - U.S.A.) 1998 CD Album (MET 078)

The Ballad
(I.M.C.C.Q.P./Shock - Australia.) CD Single (1313-2)

The Human Germ
(Metropolis - USA) CD Single (MET 107)

I Snog, Therefore I Am...
(Hymen - GER) CD Album (¥704)

Third Mall From The Sun
(Metropolis - USA) CD Album (MET 144)

Lies Inc. / Dear Valued Customer
(Metropolis - USA) CD Album (MET 168)

Relax Into The Abyss
(Metropolis - USA) CD Album (MET 181)

Justified Homicide
(Karmic Hit - AUS) 2002 CD Single ( )

Beyond The Valley Of The Proles
(Metropolis - USA) 2003 CD Album (MET 271)

Lies Inc. [platinum edition]
(Ground Under Productions - AUS) 2003 CD Album (GUP CD 007)